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Welcome to Bread+Roses!


B+R is a community-owned space that seeks to foster solidarity between people from all backgrounds that share a common character. We reject policies of social dominance, Neo-liberalism, patriarchy, the gender binary, white supremacy, and other social ills espoused by capitalism. We support worker/union/trans rights, empowering those without a voice, and each other.

Here, you can not just participate in a community, but help shape the whole and have a space to exist that is truly unique among leftist forums. There is no project we can't throw ourselves at, and no finer place to finally be able to relax.


------------Hard Rules------------

  • No bigotry of any kind ("ironic" bigotry is still bigotry)
  • No harassment of other forum members
  • No importing offsite drama or exporting B+R drama
  • No links to piracy sites
  • No inline NSFW content

------------Posting Guidelines------------

  • First and foremost, try to practice solidarity with your fellow posters. We’re all in this thing together. We don't have to agree, but we do have to live together.
  • Try to stay on topic. This also means trying to stay in tune with the thread or subforum culture. Don’t come into a chill zone to serious post, and don’t chill post in the serious zones.
  • Don't be an asshole (there is no way to make a list covering every scenario, this is broad and covers most scenarios
  • Do not advocate for obvious bad shit like landlords/cops/capitalism/etc. This is a leftist space.
  • Some spaces ask for Content/Trigger warnings on certain content. Those places will have it clearly spelled out in the OP of the threads.
  • Don't mock other posters.  It's easy enough to call a terrible person out for their terrible actions.  Personal attacks against unrelated, real-or-perceived character traits are unwarranted and childish.  

------------The Flyswatter Clause------------

The Paradox of Intolerance shows us that the moment a tolerant space starts allowing intolerant ideals, it becomes an intolerant space. Therefore, B+R does not allow bigotry or intolerant ideals (nazis get out).  We also know that if we try to enumerate every bigoted statement or slur that could be said, bad faith actors would toe as close to the line as possible without crossing it.  To allow posters to have a truly tolerant, safe area to communicate and organize, B+R has a Two-Strike Policy on bigoted statements:

  • The first offense gets you a 30 day probation, where you may browse but not post on B+R
  • The second offense earns you a permanent ban

The community, including staff, will not play 20 questions with bad faith posters and bigots.

Thank you for visiting Bread and Roses!  We hope you'll enjoy your stay. 

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