Welcome to Bread And Roses
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:3 Welcome to BreadnRoses.

Who we are:

BreadnRoses (BnR/B+R) is a queer-inclusive, leftist online discussion forum that rejects policies of oppression, exploitation, neoliberalism, patriarchy, the gender binary, and white supremacy. We support worker, union, and trans rights, empowering those without a voice, and each other.

Our Mission Statement is:

  • To be a safe space for communities and sub-communities of any vulnerable population (be they an oppressed minority group, persecuted culture, or merely marginalized in other ways) who wish to be present in the community.
  • To have transparent and accountable staff empowered to act ethically, fulfill community and sub-community goals, and enforce the rules necessary for achieving this when necessary as compassionately and mercifully as possible.
  • To have staff accountable to the community they serve via empowered community members who hold staff accountable to clear and reasonable ethical standards.
  • To resolve all conflicts between site missions, ideals, goals and rules according to ethical standards intended to minimize harm to vulnerable populations, oppressed minority groups, persecuted cultures, and other marginalized people, followed by minimizing harm to other members, and finally minimizing harm to the site itself.
  • To minimize all harm caused through the site. To remain adaptable and respond quickly/functionally to any site situation which may cause harm to community and sub-community members.
  • To, where possible (and within the limits of the means and abilities of our community), alevatate and mend preexisting harms. This site is intended to be a place of healing and recovery.
  • To provide a space for the respectful discussion of (and analysis and debate of) left-leaning and leftist issues, politics, ideologies, etc. As well as the sharing of left-leaning and leftist knowledge, experience, and opinions. We are a community which requires mutual respect and consideration for all other members of our community and as such general assumption of good faith from all or members towards all our members is strongly encouraged.
  • To minimize the influence of capitalist class interests on the site.
  • To provide a space and framework for any discussions or actions community and sub-community members wish to engage that do not contradict any of the above.

Our Goals are:

  • To, above all else, provide a safe space for community and sub-community members to relax, de-stress, and pursue meaning and enjoyment.
  • To, in concert with the above, provide a space for community and sub-community members to respectfully discuss, analyze, and debate whatever issues they deem fit (within reason) or share any opinions (again within reason) or advice at their comfort.
  • To avoid and prevent authoritarian management of our community or sub-communities.
  • To establish relationships of trust between staff and those to whom they serve and with whom they assist.
  • To facilitate and encourage bonds between community and sub-community members in any shared interests, goals, or desires.
  • To build a community together which positively interacts with and influences other communities in which our members are present.
  • To empower and, where possible, enable anyone interested in real world action meant to assist vulnerable populations, oppressed minorities, persecuted cultures, and other marginalized people including (but not limited to) anti-racist/capitalist/imperialist groups.
  • To enable and, where possible, facilitate support for community and sub-community members in their needs, struggles, and pains.
  • To allow those with the resources, commitment, or ability to contribute to the site and to others.
If you feel such a place is the right place for you then we invite you to register and :justpost:

The Paradox of Tolerance